The Four Blue Minitures

The Four Blue Minitures



    A personal Fav. collection, the four blue miniture vases.

    glazed with different layered blue and white glazes which resulted in a crackled glaze effect in some of the pieces, a beautiful result that can be quite hard to repeat.

    Red earthenware Clay

    vase with a short narrow neck: 11.5 cm in height,10 cm in width.

    vase with a long neck: 9.5 cm in width. 17cm in height.

    vase with a round shape and short neck  8.5 in width, 11cm in height.

    vase with mid. long neck: 8.5 cm in height, 15 cm in width


    Contact me via email to purchase.

    Prices are excluding delivery.

    I ship internationally

    All Pots are hand-thrown and glazed from inside and outside.

    All Pots have the Leen Pottery stamp.

    All Pots are microwave/dishwasher/all temps safe


    All prices are excluding shipping and delivery

    I ship internationally

    Delivery within UAE is around 25-35 dhs per piece.

    Items will be dilevered within 3-4 days of purchase.

    All items are delivered via local courier, except items above 1500 dhs.