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A graduate from the American university of Sharjah in year 2016 with a bachelor degree of interior design, where I first got introduced to clay, learned how to throw on the pottery wheel and felt deeply connected to this technique.


I first got my hands in clay in fall 2015. Ever since, pottery has been a source of happiness and calmness to me. When I’m in studio, I feel centered, I feel engaged and connected. I see pottery as the opposite of our daily life events, a slow sensual process, a form meditation that teaches us patience. It’s is a beautiful process of construction and destruction, where pieces and broken and repaired. A process that reflects a person’s thoughts, personality and inner self.


 I’d like to sees my pots as tactile pieces. Pieces that make a person feel the need to touch them and desire to experience using them by viewing and engaging with the surface, shape, and its smallest details.


All my pots are handmade and thrown on the wheel.

The glazes give each and every pot a different personality. I almost never incorporate glaze merely as a functional element in the pot only, I spend a great amount of time developing and exploring glazes. In fact, I find the need to develop my glazes everyday more than developing anything else in the process.

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